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I spend a lot of my time writing about education and education policy issues, but not all of it. I’m also interested in social studies and history education, the history of education, and music–especially political music and its impact on American life and culture. You can read my full CV here, or get a taste of my scholarly work below. You can also jump over to Education Week to read the archive of my blog there.

Selected Publications

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Powell, D. (2017). Brother, can you paradigm? Toward a theory of pedagogical content knowledge in social studies. Journal of Teacher Education. Published in OnlineFirst, June 6, 2017. DOI

Dinkelman, T., Cuenca, A., Butler, B., Elfer, C., Ritter, J., Powell, D. & Hawley, T. (2012). The influence of a collaborative doctoral seminar on emerging teacher educator-researchers. Action in Teacher Education, 34(2), 172-190. [pdf]

Powell , D. (2011). Moving forward, looking back: The struggle for a new American curriculum. Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy, 8(2), 136-154. [pdf]

Ritter , J.K. , Powell , D., Hawley, T.S. , & Blasik, J. (2011) . Reifying the ontology of individualism at the expense of democracy: An examination of university supervisors’ written feedback to student teachers. Teacher Education Quarterly, 38(1) , 29-46. [pdf]

Conklin, H.G. , Ritter , J.K., Powell , D., & Hawley, T.S. (2010) . Learning from young adolescents: The use of structured teacher education coursework to help beginning teachers investigate middle school students’ intellectual capabilities. Journal of Teacher Education, 61(4) , 313-327. [link]

Ritter, J.K., Powell, D., & Hawley, T.S. (2007). Takin’ it to the streets: A collaborative self-study of field-based teacher education. Social Studies Research and Practice, 2(3), 341-357. [link]

Book Chapters & Encyclopedia Entries

Powell, D. (2017). “Commitment to social justice is not enough; Love is not enough”: Helping new social studies teachers develop content knowledge for teaching.” In S.G. Grant, John Lee, and Kathy Swan (Eds.), Teaching Social Studies: A Methods Book for Methods Teachers. Charlotte, NC: Information Age.

Powell, D. (2011). “Abolitionists,” “Charles Deslondes,” “George Boxley,” “The Confession of Nat Turner,” “The Moses Story in Slave Experience,” “Nat Turner’s Insurrection,” “Slave Preachers,” and “Suppressed Slave Rebellions of the Antebellum Period.” In S. Danver (Ed.), Revolts, Protests, Demonstrations, and Rebellions in American History. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO.  [link]

Powell, D. (2010). Join, or die!: A pragmatic case for reflective self-study in social studies. In A.R. Crowe (Ed.), Advancing social studies education through self-study, 21-36. New York: Springer. [pdf]

Powell, D. & Hawley, T.S. (2010). Four way street: Meeting social studies teacher candidates at the intersections of curriculum, pedagogy, content, and purpose to advance the common good. In E.A. Heilman, R.F. Amthor, & M.T. Missialis (Eds.), Social studies and diversity education: What we do and why we do it. New York: Routledge.


Edited Articles

Powell, D. (2017). No, education isn’t the civil rights issue of our time: We shouldn’t buy school choice rhetoric masquerading as civil rights. Education Week, 36(31), 23. [link]

Powell, D. (2012). Confusing achievement with aptitude. Education Week32(14), 26-27, 29. [link]

Powell, D. (2011). Finding hope in Atlanta. Education Week 31(1), 30, 25.  [link]

Other Commentary

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