Dave Powell

Education Reform

Some Things You Can Do To Support Public Education Right Now

Yesterday a group of students here at Gettysburg College, where I teach, organized a Solidarity Rally. It consisted largely of teach-ins designed to start conversations, and hopefully it will the first of many events that bring people together to think more carefully about how we should respond to things going on outside of our college […]

What if DeVos Is Not Confirmed?

After her disastrous turn in front of the Senate committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions last week, the odds of Betsy DeVos not being confirmed as secretary of education have to at least be a lot higher than they used to be. It seems like no stretch to say that she is no slam […]

Betsy DeVos Fails the Test

Mitt Romney said: “Betsy DeVos is a smart choice for education secretary.” The Wall Street Journal said DeVos “knows how to fight and how to make the moral case for reform.” Andrew Rotherham called her “a pretty mainstream pick.” Rick Hess, purveyor of “straight talk” on education issues, informs us that DeVos is a “solid pick” who is […]

Farewell, Obama

Last night Barack Obama delivered his farewell address to a raucous crowd in Chicago. This morning, Donald Trump delivered his first press conference as president-elect in front of a surprisingly raucous crowd at Trump Tower in New York. The difference between the two, in tone as well as substance, could not have been more stark. […]

Fixing the School Start Time Problem

Recently the six local school superintendents here where I live sent a brief survey to the community to try to figure out what to do about school start times. It was, indeed, a brief survey, but they ought to be commended for doing it. It needed to be done. The school start time problem is […]

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