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Some Things You Can Do To Support Public Education Right Now

Yesterday a group of students here at Gettysburg College, where I teach, organized a Solidarity Rally. It consisted largely of teach-ins designed to start conversations, and hopefully it will the first of many events that bring people together to think more carefully about how we should respond to things going on outside of our college […]

Maybe It’s Time to Put DeVos In “Receive Mode”

By now you have probably heard about Betsy DeVos’ big day out recently. She tried to visit a middle school in Washington but found the front door blocked when she showed up. This led, of course, to the publication of an already-infamous cartoon suggesting that DeVos is actually a modern-day Civil Rights warrior, and to the suggestion […]

Betsy DeVos is No Ruby Bridges

So maybe you saw this cartoon that was drawn by Glenn McCoy for the Belleville (Ill.) News-Democrat under the headline “Trying to Trash Betsy DeVos.” If you didn’t, take a look. In the cartoon, of course, you see little Betsy DeVos walking to school, book in hand, surrounded by faceless men who are there to […]

And What if DeVos Is Confirmed?

So today is the big day: the Senate is expected to finally vote on Betsy DeVos’s nomination to become the next U.S. Secretary of Education, and Vice President Mike Pence is poised to break an expected tie in her favor. I doubt very much that aything other than the expected result is going to happen. […]

What if DeVos Is Not Confirmed?

After her disastrous turn in front of the Senate committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions last week, the odds of Betsy DeVos not being confirmed as secretary of education have to at least be a lot higher than they used to be. It seems like no stretch to say that she is no slam […]

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