Dave Powell

Project Update No. 2

Fill out the form below to provide me with an update on your project. If you would like to schedule a meeting with me to discuss your plans, you can do that by going to http://calendly.com/profpow. For best results, you should submit your project update by Wednesday, April 10.

Examples and guidelines are provided below.

Final Product Ideas

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what form your project will take but remember: the evidence you share with me to show what you’ve learned is what I’ll use to evaluate your project. So try to choose a form that allows you to show as much as possible, but that also allows you to showcase your strengths as a student. This is just a list of ides; feel free to use one (or none) of these as you see fit.

Or do something completely different…

It’s your project; you decide how you want to show what you learned. Remember: your goal here is to focus on an education policy issue or topic, or to focus in some way on the politics of education, and show me what you learned about it. Since this is a semester-long project, I’ll expect you to have spent a substantial amount of time on it (a rough, bottom line estimate should be at least an hour a week), and I’ll be looking for projects that demonstrate real understanding of the topics they address.

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