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Forward, not upward.

Forward, Not Upward

“The way to think about the significance of the human adventure,” wrote philosopher Richard Rorty, citing the philosophies of Dewey and Whitman, “is to look forward rather than upward: to contrast a possible human future with the human past and present.” This week: songs encouraging us to get down to business and take the bull by the horns. Why wait around for deliverance when we can deliver a better world for ourselves? Listen on: Apple Music | Spotify

Track List

  1. “This Land is Your Land” — My Morning Jacket (2014)
  2. “Highwomen” — The Highwomen (2019)
  3. “Freedom Highway” — The Staple Singers (1965)

Rise Up, Old Joe Hill!

Which side are you on?

As Labor Day comes around, take a few minutes to  Apple Music | Spotify

Jim Crow Blues

Protest Dylan

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