(Associate) Professor — Interdisciplinarian — Dispensing Educationist

Public Policy 401

Check here for important updates on our common, subversive, top-secret project.

Course Evaluation & Final Activities

Due Dates

  • Literature Reviews are due on Sunday, December 11 by 11:59p
  • Policy briefs are due on Wednesday, December 14 by 11:59p
  • The capstone questionnaire is due by Friday, December 9

Evaluation Links (please complete them in this order!)

  1. Common Course Evaluation (due in class, Tuesday, December 6): After logging in to CNAV, select “Submit Course Evaluations” and then choose Public Policy 401. It may be under the “My Place” dropdown menu if it is not on your home page. You can go back and forth through questions, but must hit the submit button at the end for your responses to be recorded.
  2. Public Policy Senior Survey (due in class, Tuesday December 6): Please complete this survey in class immediately after completing the common course evaluation.
  3. Capstone questionnaire (due Friday, December 9): You can complete this questionnaire any time before Friday at midnight to receive full credit.

General Information


Additional Teacher Education Program Documents and Info

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