Dave Powell

Bulldog Gravy

Bulldog Gravy went on hiatus when the DJ went to the UK last fall but plans are afoot to bring it back to life.

Bulldog Gravy is a food coal miners used to eat during the Depression. It consisted of flour, water, and grease, and it was often poured over beans or on top of a “water sandwich,” which was bread soaked in water and lard. Sarah Ogan Gunning sang about bulldog gravy in her song “Come All You Coal Miners.” You can hear her sing it here, or click below for a rendition recorded by Mike Seeger in 1966:

Around here, Bulldog Gravy is made of equal parts country, folk, rhythm and blues, with a rock ‘n roll hot sauce and the occasional protest song chaser. Always served hot.

How to listen to Bulldog Gravy the Bulldog Gravy way:

  • Listen live: WZBT can be streamed via iTunes; just visit the station’s streaming page and click on the iTunes logo. The station will immediately start streaming, with metadata too! And the best part is if you save that stream as a playlist you can go back to it anytime and it will immediately start streaming what’s on.
  • Same goes for Windows Media Player, but why would you use that?
  • You can also download radio apps like I Heart Radio or TuneIn and search for WZBT that way. If you have a Sonos system, TuneIn is built in. Save WZBT to your favorite stations list and away you go.
  • Come by here and download full playlists after the shows have aired. You miss out on all the great radio banter but, hey, you get music your way. I’ll probably add songs to many of these playlists so they’ll get longer and better. I’ll also keep a running “master” playlist with everything in it so you’ll have your own Bulldog Gravy radio station everywhere you go!
    • Note: If you download these playlists in Apple Music/iTunes, make sure you click “Add” to put them in your library. After that they’ll update automatically. If you don’t click Add you’ll have to find the links every time to play them.

Is this overkill? Yeah, probably. But I like to share music. What can I say?

  1. Bulldog Gravy Master Playlist: Add it to your library and it updates automatically!
  2. Episode 101: Yes, I Guess They Ought To Name a Drink After You
  3. Episode 102: Presidential Rag
  4. Episode 103: House of the Rising Sun 
  5. Episode 104: Texas (On Everything)
  6. Episode 105: Go, Johnny, Go!
  7. Episode 106: Across the Line
  8. Episode 107: I Don’t Need No Doctor
  9. Episode 108: What It Means
  10. Episode 109: Seven Turns
  11. Episode 110: When the Wheels Touch Down
  12. Episode 111: The Devil Is All Around
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